Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I've actually said goodbye to Granada Este not just because they've split but because I've split!  Yes, Shelina and I have moved to another city and congregation (just me on the congregation move) as of September 30th.  That's why you haven't heard so much of me lately...been getting settled.

It was a long and hard decision, but ultimately we decided to move for financial reasons.  Granada is such a touristy town that prices were increasingly going up and up for us.  For example, our light bill had quadrupled in just the year that I was living with Shelina!  We had tried to find other accommodations in Granada for less money, but it just wasn't happening.  So one day talking with other need greaters living in different areas we discovered that in just moving cities we could cut our expenses considerably.  They told us of a brother's house in Nindirí up for rent so Shelina and I went to see it and we loved it.  Fast forward a month and we're here now!  I can't tell you how much I love getting double the house for half the cost.

Nindirí as a whole is really nice.  It's more rural so we're getting to live a much quieter life; no more drunks outside our window at 3am or 18wheelers driving down our street every 5 minutes.  It's really nice and clean and known for its two parks and how most homes have really lush gardens.  Another plus is that we're closer to the capital and typically about 5 degrees cooler than Granada at all times.  I actually wear pants to bed now!  

There is just 1 congregation here, and they've really put themselves out making us feel welcome.  Sisters have transferred studies and return visits to me so I can keep my time going and they gave us a little welcome party last Sunday!
complete with food!  what a nice surprise!
naturally it was a dance party
My new congregation has about 100 publishers but only 8 pioneers and a ton a rural territory.  Oddly, most of the pioneers here are brothers, so they were really excited to get a female pioneer.  I'm excited too to get moving in my new territory.
here's our new house

My favorite part...our interior courtyard complete with built-in grill (see rear left of wall) and water tank!!!!  Yeah,  no more bucket baths!!!

My least favorite part...the massive tarantula that decided to appear last Thursday night.  I apparently can do scorpions but not tarantulas.  After I started crying trying to kill it, Shelina stepped in.  Hey, we all have our limits, ok?!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Well, it's official....Granada Este is no more :(  but for a good reason!  Between us and our sister congregation Granada Norte, we had enough publishers to make a 3rd congregation, so the divisions began and the name changing started as follows:
1.  Bartolome--new congregation
2.  La Villa--former Granada Este
3.  Pan Casan--former Granada Norte

Each congregation has between 60-70 publishers and 2-3 elders.  You know the most exciting part?  Each congregation has reported increased attendance since the split!  Looks like Jehovah is certainly blessing the work in Granada :)

The night the list went on the info board of who would be in each congregation.  Many tears that night as teachers found out they'd be in a different territory from their progressive students and long-time friends would be separated after years together.

Number 11 Alixe and Pilar at their last meeting together.  They're called that because they're always together and they're both so skinny it looks like the number 11 walking towards you.
 We got to do one last shabang as a congregation, though.  Many members of Este and Norte were invited to participate in the drama at this year's District Convention.  Our final performance fell the weekend right before the split.  I had the privilege of participating for the first time!  I worked with a couple other sisters in costuming coming up with how we wanted each character to look and then putting that into action.  Jehovah made it so easy for us through use of the excellent illustrations in his publications.  We had a blast!
Pilar (Queen Ester) and I right before her performance.  What a beautiful queen she made!  She was the perfect choice because she's often reminded me of Queen Ester.  Beautiful both inside and out.

Mission accomplished!