Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Five years ago I started this blog to let my friends and family know about my adventures in Nicaragua.  Well, I am sad to say the adventure is over.  This past year has been very challenging in every way possible, and after some VERY specific prayers, it was obvious to me that it was time to move on.  So this is my farewell letter to the land of lakes and volcanoes.

There were times I loved you and times I hated you.  There are things about you I don't think I would've understood even after a lifetime of living with you.  But you taught me things I never would've learned if I didn't come.  Practical things.  Spiritual things.  Even though we ended on a sour note, I 100% do NOT regret coming.  I know myself and my needs so much better, and my teaching skills have improved more than I could explain.  You are a place that has both repelled and fascinated me but has permanently opened my eyes.

No matter my location in the world, there is a part of my heart that will always be hexagon-shaped, smells like frying plantain, beats to salsa music, and is hot and steamy like a mango field after May rains.  At the end of day, the best I could say is, 

Thank you, Nicaragua

And to all my readers, thank you for sharing in this journey with me.  I have appreciated your kind and insightful comments over the years more than you will ever know.  And if even a small part of you is thinking about being a need greater whether in your own country or abroad, do it!  Do it now!  There is no other comparable experience.  It will draw you closer to Jehovah and give you friends all over the world who see things just like you.

I am still available for any direct questions about Nicaragua or need greater life.  Just contact me through the comment box at the bottom of this post or a private message using the box to the right of this post.

I am now living with my sister and brother-in-law in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.  I attend a newly-formed Spanish congregation and am enjoying the Cuban, Honduran, Mexican Latino population here.  Aaaaannnnddd learning Nepali :)  Turns out they're a huge immigrant group here with no group or congregation to help them.  Please pray Jehovah blesses my effort to locate them and others looking to help in this work.  And who knows...maybe in time we'll catch back up in a blog named Adventures in Nepal!