Thursday, March 27, 2014


 Here's our gang afterwards. Back row left to right: Ivan, Alexis (one of the presenters), and Sergio (not a pioneer but one of the presenters). From row left to right: Selene, Clara, Larry, Johan, me, Argentina, and Julissa.  Yes, I realize we have one of the ugliest Kingdom Halls ever.

Argentina and Johan enjoying dinner afterwards. No, Johan's face isn't always that crazy.  Yes, he himself is always that crazy.

Ivan and Alexis.  Ivan is really enjoying that tostone, huh?

Clara and Selene.  Don't look so surprized, Clara, it's just dinner!

Here's the amazing meal the congregation paid for and Bro. Victor Gonzales cooked for us.  We had grilled chicken with cream of mushroom sauce, rice, pico de gallo, tostones (twice-fried green plantain), and refried beans.  He brought jamaica tea for a drink.  I made a banana crumble for dessert, but it went so quick I couldn't get a picture of it!  It was so much food I only ate half and took the rest home for Shelina to enjoy.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Back row left to right:  Bruno, Melvin, Johan, Ivan, Valeska.
Front row left to right: Victor, Priscilla, Adela.
A while ago my roommate came across a link for Bible Jeopardy on Instagram.  We are both HUGE Jeopardy fans so we downloaded it and made it part of our Family Worship Night one night and had SUCH a good time.  Since then I've played it with my sister and brother-in-law and recently, with some friends from my congregation.

I invited a very hospitable family, the Gonzales, over along with a couple brothers who are alone in the truth, and I made my first lasagna ever!  No, really, I'm super proud of myself.  I made my own ricotta cheese AND homemade marinara sauce.  We ate way too much then we divided into teams, I pretended to be Alex Trebek, and we played an intense game of Bible Jeopardy.  I think all the testosterone made it so intense...then again that was a nice change in our house :)

The great part about the game is that it comes with pre-made categories and answers, but you can customize it.  For instance, I made one in Spanish.  There's an American (I think) brother who created it and you just email him and he'll send you the game and directions on how to download and play.  Here's his email:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Doesn't this look like the best life ever?!

I know a lot of you who follow this blog are also following other need-greater blogs and trying to get psyched to reach your own goals.  Have you seen one of the recent videos on  It's an amazing story about an American youth named Cameron and the steps she took and challenges she encountered in volunteering in a foreign land.

I'd have to say it's an accurate description.  There are often very physical demands made on your body, mental anguish in adjusting to a new language and culture, and emotionally trying times.  But she's right...making those sacrifices can definitely give you the best life ever if you have the right outlook on it.  If you can focus on your ministry instead of all those crazy external factors, you can be the happiest you've ever been.  I especially encourage all youths to take a close look at this video and examine your goals.  Could YOU join the ranks of serving where the need for Kingdom publishers is greater?

BTW, all of these shots are of either past or current need greaters in different parts of Nicaragua.

Monday, March 17, 2014


I have to credit Melissa Fleck Photography in Memphis, TN for this fun shot
So for some reason my crazy brain decided it would be a good idea to visit the U.S. in January instead of June like always. Two words:



I haven't experienced temperatures like that in about 3 years but it felt good to get on my cute coat, scarf, and boots and feel something different than sweat for a change.  I forgot all the crazy ways the body reacts to cold!!

No, really, the reason I went home was to see one of my best friends in the whole world get hitched.  Almost 40 years old and getting married for the first time :)  It gives me hope and I am soooo happy I got to share this beautiful moment with Miss Brenda and get to know her hubby.

Brenda and I getting ready together

The happy couple!

After the wedding, the photographer/another of my besties, Melissa, and a lot of the wedding party headed down to B.B. King's to dance the night away and listen to some amazing mo-town covers!

I introduced my nieces to a pinata Princess Kitty and boy, did they have a great time with it.  And they managed to come out of it with just candy and no bruises.

My beautiful sister, Adria, giving her first talk in Arabic. Yeaahhhh!  She did really good (from what I could tell) and you should see how their little group just keeps growing!
For the most part, I had an amazing time and am now kicking myself for not taking more pictures.  But now I'm thawed out in Nicaragua again ready to get back to work.