Sunday, December 28, 2014



Yes, I'm scared to death.  My tummy does little flip flops every time I really start thinking about things.  I have major questions like:

  • Is there a chance I can go in English or will I have to cram major studying in Spanish for 2 months?
  • Will I even get invited?
  • Will I stay in my assignment?
  • Will my roommate and I get separated?
  • What if I end up with a crazy new roommate?
  • What if I hate my new assignment?
  • What if I have to learn another language?

I'm really trying to apply Matthew 6 and not be anxious…especially because it has to do with such an exciting subject!  But the truth is that I could use a few prayers from everyone :)

Overall I just decided that being scared isn't a good reason NOT to do something.  We ladies have been grumbling and begging for an opportunity like this ever since Gilead started taking couples only, so I feel foolish to have the circumstances and the opportunity and NOT take it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Readers, I know I haven't posted anything recently, and I apologize.  There's a lot I want to tell and show you, but unfortunately, the motherboard on my laptop blew up and I'm currently computer-less. I have my tablet, but have you ever tried doing a post on those things ugh!

Anyway, a dear friend is bringing me a replacement in about a month.  If you guys will be patient with me, I should have something up and running mid-January.  Thanks!

Saturday, December 6, 2014


We recently had our circuit overseer's visit, and I explained to him about how I get so many requests from readers about where they should go to serve.  I asked him in our territory, where would he send someone?  Here's what he said.

San Juan de la Concepción a.k.a. La Concha

Why?  Well, this congregation has about 50 publishers but only 2 elders.  These 2 elders are advanced in age and are really having trouble keeping up with shepherding and assignments.  They need help.'s in the middle of pineapple country and has a moderate climate.  The congregation has an excellent pioneer spirit.  It sits right on the bus route to many larger towns like Ticuantepe (where the former branch was; shown below) and San Marcos.  Also, if you're not 100% on your Spanish yet, San Marcos has an English group you could support from time to time to boost you up.

Cons...this may all be relative but you'd be the only need greater in that congregation.  Also, because of the size of this pueblito, it may be hard to find a rental,  but C.O. says you should be able to find something easily along the bus route.

Ok, so what if you're a single sister and therefore, unqualified to fill that need...where should you go?

 Here with me!  

Ahem, or at least close.  No, really, our little endeavor in our rural territory of San Francisco is really booming.  The C.O. says that if we continue to have the support there that we have, he'll recommend it to be a congregation the next time he visits.  We have about 19 publishers assigned there but the meeting attendance is regularly 30something.  And it's not just for sisters.  There's only 1 elder and 1 ministerial servant assigned (yes, these are different numbers from before; some Nindirí brothers could no longer afford the transportation costs and came back to the home congregation), so if you're a responsible brother, this is an amazing opportunity to get some hard core training.'re close to Nindirí which is adorable, cheap, and right along the PanAmerican highway making travel a breeze.  No trouble finding a rental in Nindirí.  Rural territory i.e. pigs, cows, horses, householders sending you home with melons and tamarind!!!  Nindirí got approval to build a new KH this year so if you come soon, you can support that project as well. Look how much our lovely need greater Jocelyn loved it last April:

Cons...the territory is VAST so you'll spend a bit in transportation every time you go out there.  Figure on almost $2 each day you spend out there especially if you're doing r.v.'s or studies and not just straight preaching.  VERY small congregation so you'll really have to be willing to pull your own weight.  Rural territory--I don't know how but it's not for everyone. Again, you'd be the only need greater in this congregation, but I'd be in Nindirí :)  Wait, is that a pro or con?!