Monday, April 21, 2014


Was it the last Memorial ever? Time will tell but I wanted to share some shots I took during another eventful Memorial season.  With 1 day to spare we finished our VERY large territory. Our congregation of about 91 publishers had a combined attendance of 323!!  I say combined because for the first time ever, our rural group that's trying to form, San Francisco, had a Memorial.  They have 19 publishers and had 82 attending!  In Nindiri we were 241.  Needless to say we were pleased since the year before they told me there was about 250.
First day of invitation work we were like ants invading the neighborhood
Cleaning day the Sunday before. There's me, um, talking and not cleaning. Hey, I did SOME work, I promise.

Some of the hard-working brothers who dedicated so much time to making sure San Francisco had a dignified place to celebrate their Memorial. Many years ago a loving sister left this piece of land to the congregation with the faith that one day there would be a group in her territory and they would need a KH. Won't she be happy in the new world to know her dream came true!

For the 1st time, I had the privilege of preparing the unleavened bread for the emblems. Unfortunately, I found out about my assignment the day before. It was a little stressful, but everything came out great.  Even if my bread was more like a pancake than a cracker. Oops!

My student, Jamileth, came for the 1st time in years. She brought her husband, little brother, and daughter.  She was very happy to attend. About 7 years ago she was an unbaptized publisher. We've been studying about a month and she's determined to get herself back on the bandwagon. I'm very proud of her.