Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A couple weeks ago "the poets" came to Nicaragua. That's how everyone was putting it anyway. I found out what I meant was that Granada hosts a poetry festival every year. And apparently it's pretty well-known. There's even a park near my house nicknamed "Poet's Park" because it has these small billboards featuring poems by Nicaraguans (most of them about war and revolution; did I fail to mention the park is officially named after a revolutionist??). This year they had participation from 50 countries. People come and do open mic reading their poetry in their language and then it's translated on a big screen in Central Park for everyone to understand. Now, I'm not gonna lie....I don't understand poetry. Never have, never will. I'm a reader, I promise! I also faithfully support the arts! I personally am not good at anything but I love art, music, dance etc....I've just never gotten into poetry. I was that kid in class when you studied "The Raven" that kept asking, "Are you sure it's about death? Because I just don't see it." I'm also that girl that secretly laughs inside in an "I'm so embarrassed for you right now" tone when men make romantic poems for women. So why was I excited about the Poetry Festival?? There was also folk dance and concert nights. Now THAT I can get down with! I uploaded a snippet of the folk dance for you. It was pretty.

Also, fun FYI. You know how in school they always had May Day, and we never participated because of the pagan roots? Ok, it's one thing reading about pagan roots in a history book or encyclopedia and another thing to see it up front. Here they have a folk dance called the Palo de Mayo or Maypole Dance. YouTube it. If you can't see the connection of May Day and fertility after watching that dance it's time to go to the eye doctor!


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