Friday, August 3, 2012


I just got back from a much needed US visit on Sunday.  Apart from the friends and family, I'm sad to say the food was my next highlight.  To my credit, Latins in general do not eat outside their food box so to speak.  I live in a country where spaghetti sauce is considered exotic, you know?  Therefore, a great variety in food is hard to find because the basic ingredients either don't exist here or are super expensive.  I have always been a great lover of ethnic food, and it's something I really miss here, so I LOVED going back and eating my way around the world.  Now, my skirts didn't like the trip so much; they're putting up some protest...

Shout out to the friends who made me home-cooked ethnic food like the Gores/Flecks with their smokin' ribs (literally), the Barrons with their curry (thanks for the recipe!), and Bro.Corea who gave us down-home Mexican in his very own restaurant.

So if you're a food lover like me, you've totally caught on to the title of this blog and will enjoy the Picasa photo stream I've included.  Just click on my brother-in-law, TJ's, head above :)

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