Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Although our Circuit Assembly isn't until January, we had our Circuit Pioneer Meeting last Friday.  Turns out the other half of our circuit was doing their C.A. this past weekend, so we got the meeting early.  I thought you guys would like some facts about my new circuit and a great photo of my fellow Nindiri pioneers.
Location was at Piedra Quemada KH.  I found it to be particularly beautiful.  The long building to the left are apts for the C.O. and a need greater couple from the States
 We had the meeting at Piedra Quemada for Nica Circuit #7.  That circuit is made up of 22 congregations, 1,991 publishers, and 180-185 regular pioneers.  We average 5 studies per pioneer.  The needs of our circuit were to increase our number of students and ensure we're taking steps to make them progressive Bible students.  What did I most take away from the meeting:

  • Jehovah is an orderly god.  He expects his servants to imitate him.  I should conduct my service in an orderly way and my person, supplies, and even home should always be orderly.
  • I have to be a better student of the Bible.  I need to schedule specific times to read the Bible without rushing, make sure I understand the information, then meditate.  I'll never improve my teaching abilities otherwise.
  • I have to guard against discouragement.  I need to think positively about my territory, my students, my fellow workers, and the hard-working elders helping to direct me.
Hopefully, putting these items into practice, I'll have a successful 2013/14 service year.

Here's my new buddies.  Starting from left back row:  Alexis, Ivan, Johan, Larry.  Front row:  yours truly, Selene, Clara, Argentina.  Only Julissa is missing; she couldn't get off work.
I've been getting to know the Nindiri pioneers a little more and have really started to value them after learning more about them.  We have one pioneer who's still going after having cancer twice, a pioneer who's only been baptized 4 years, a pioneer who is incredibly zealous although having rheumatoid arthritis from a young age, 2 pioneers who are family heads as well, and 2 pioneers juggling a demanding work schedule on top of it all.  I see I have a lot I can learn here in Nindiri.


  1. Nice looking group of friends you've got there.

    1. I know! They're probably mad there's a big gringa ruining their picture!

  2. Man that was our plan b pio mtg! On to plan c! We spent 3 months going to that lovely hall!

    1. I thought about that when we went. We honestly didn't think we were having it, though,until January.

  3. Thanks for this Shawn!
    We had our PI meeting last month and it was fantastic. I loved the parts on battling discouragement and how to stay cheerful pioneers. Here's an illustration our DO used to apply to our heart as pioneers.

    Take three pots of boiling water, add to them;
    1) Carrots 2) an Egg 3) Coffee
    The water boils each of them and changes their original state or form. The carrots become mushy when boiled. The egg becomes hard inside and turns from a liquid to a solid. The coffee uses the water and becomes a fragrant, delicious cup of coffee.

    The boiling water is our struggles as a pioneer or publisher serving in the last days, but we control how those tests will affect our faith and our heart. We can become mushy and complacent like the carrots. We can become hard and unyielding like the egg, or we can take those trials, learn from them and become fragrant, delicious and encouraging to those around us.

    Which one am I?.....food for thought.

    1. I love that illustration! Which one are you? I DEFINITELY remember you being "fragrant" here :)