Monday, January 26, 2015


Last week some dear, dear friends of mine invited me to their baby shower.  After many disappointments, they will be welcoming Miss Dayana Shelina to the world (with Jehovah's help) in March.  Soooo happy for them!  The party was in Granada and it was really nice to catch up with old friends and relax a bit.

Shelina trying to feed baby food to Alixe while blindfolded.  Things disintigrated quickly...

Diana with her own Mami, Pilar, who is dying to welcome her first grandbaby!!

What?!  You've never been to a baby shower that broke out into a dance party?  You've clearly never been in, EVERYTHING has the potential to break out into a dance party :)  And let me just say, when there's no boys around these chicas can GET DOWN!!

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  1. Great post Shawn, you hit all the highlights! Just for the record, I offered to eat the baby food but the girl wanted to sit down. This is the disaster that happens ;-)