Thursday, September 22, 2011


I'd like to introduce you to a very sweet Nicaraguan couple named Yahosca & Jairo Centeno. They are on a 2 week vacation here in Granada visiting family and friends and stopped by the house last night for a visit. Their experience was very moving and I got permission to share it.

They were serving here in Granada and surrounding areas in Sign Language when they put their application in to be special pioneers. They were granted a temporary assignment in a town called El Almendro (named after trees that grow there) on the eastern side of the country. Here's the amazing part....apart from them there are TWO more baptized publishers and TWO more unbaptized publishers. They said that when they were first assigned there they had many moments like our brother in the Yearbook we read about....asking Jehovah "What am I doing here?".

Here's the good news....two years later they have over 20 people meeting for meetings (btw, the Kingdom Hall is their living room) and had over 70 for the Memorial this year. They conduct 25 Bible studies together! And this is all being done in a town where Catholics have a very strong hold on the residents. They said it's very common that after 2-3 visits with a person a group from the neighborhood comes to the person and has a "meeting" explaining what's wrong with JWs. After a year when the branch saw their results they were named permanent special pioneers. Now tell me they aren't being blessed by Jehovah!!

We just have to remember that whatever our assignment, we're NEVER alone. Jehovah is always with us. After all, we're doing this work together. And even if we're only 6 in a congregation, we have a whole brotherhood ready to assist at a moment's notice. I'm sure Jehovah will never forget the work this fine couple has done in his name. And who knows....if this system stands another few years they may be able to see those who once persecuted them or were persecuted for studying finally take a stand for Jehovah. How beautiful!


  1. wow, love this story! so happy that you getting to be in such a awesome place to pursue spiritual goals!!! enjoy & savor every moment, you worked hard to be there ;-)