Friday, September 13, 2013


You all know me so I'm sure you've already guess the other part I loved about El Salvador--the food!  No, seriously, it was like visiting the U.S.  They use the U.S. dollar as currency, they've got chains I'm familiar with like Zara & Nine West, and they have restaurants I know.  Like what?  Drumroll please....

Can you hear that?  Yes, those are angels singing!  That's how I felt when I walked into THE ONLY STARBUCKS IN CENTRAL AMERICA!  They ONLY exist in El Salvador for some reason.  Ahhhh, Wifi and a frappuccino.

Where else did we go?  Not the Pancake Shop Pancake Shop!!!! But....
Denny's!  What's crazy is that I think I ate at Denny's all of one time when I lived in the U.S. and yet I was so excited to see it here.  Grand Slam, here we come!  You wanna know how I know I've lived here too long?  When we scanned the menu, we saw that certain soft drinks and juices came with free refills, something unheard of here in Nicaragua.  I told Shelina "if I just had a plastic baggie with me I could order a refill, put it in the bag, and then I'd have fresco at lunch."  Sad, huh?

And last but not least....

Oh, Mexican food how I've missed thee!  We spent Saturday night with a new couple we met serving in Guatemala (shout out to Kimberly and Trevor!!!) and enjoying blackberry margaritas, chips/salsa, and enchiladas. Ahhhh!  And for those of you reading this thinking "you live in Nicaragua; all Latin food is the same, right?"  Wrong.  Don't get me wrong, I love Nica food but oh, how I've missed my spicy Mexican. Hopefully, this will hold me over for a while.


  1. Love Shelina's nails in the Denny's pic...and yes...I get excited every time I see a's a bit of a problem.

  2. I literally just stumbled across this tonight when looking through the web.

    My wife and I are back in the States at the moment, after serving for a while in Mexico. We're 'gearing up' for our next go at Need Greater work. I remember when we crossed back into the States after being in Mexico for some time ... just looking at the street lights. It really is amazing, when you've been away from little things for a long, long time ... how much they mean when you see them, and can experience them.

    So recently, being in the States, we had some friends visit that are currently serving as Missionaries in Thailand. So when we picked them up from the train station, I see my buddy in the back seat, just looking around. Looking at the parking lots. Looking at the streets. Nudging his wife as we pass stores.

    I just looked back at him and said:

    "It's the space isn't it? Can't get over it can ya? Just the frontage everywhere?"

    "Oh my goodness yes! There is just so much ... ... just ... space!"

    After that, it was a trip to a big candy store they like.

    Jehovah understands our needs. We give of ourselves. Again. And again. And again. At times? You need a little something for yourself. Something that reminds you of home. After all? Need greaters not only serve in a field where there is a need for Kingdom Preachers? They are also alien residents in a foreign land, and Jehovah understands how 'out of place' we at times feel (Mark 6:30,31).

    Jehovah's blessings ...


    1. I totally get what you're talking about. I always need a few days to process everything when I first get back in the States. There's just so much well, everything. And the choices! It's insane...sometimes both in a good and bad way. Nice to hear from you and thanks for following. Hope everything works out for you to return to your assignment.

  3. Ha! I so relate. It was so strange the cravings I got while I was there. Like Applebee's...It is one of my least favorite restaurants really when I'm in the states but for some reason I was just dying to go to Applebee's :)

    1. Ack, tell me about it! I've been dying for Indian food lately but I'll have to wait about another 6 months for that :(