Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Well, after two years here in Nicaragua, it was bound to happen.  I, too, was going to have a crazy story about a tarantula or lizard or in my case SCORPION making its way into my peaceful home.

It all happened a couple weeks ago when I got called late night to ask if I could brings snacks to Sign Language Pioneer School in Masaya the next day.  I said yes! and started baking.  That venture lasted until about midnight when I wearily sat on my bed.  I finally got it together to head to the bathroom and found myself following about a 6 inch long, black, angry scorpion!!!!  So I did what any girl would do....stared at it a good 5 minutes making sure it never left my sight.  Finally, I stopped hyperventiling, grabbed my largest, sturdiest shoe, and starting pounding like there was no tomorrow.  Then (you just never know) picked it up with kitchen tongs and threw it over the balcony into the street where hopefully it got run over a few times.

next to my size 10
I'm proud to say I did all this without screaming not even once.  I feel like Wonder Woman!


  1. I wanted to thank you for last nights blog about the scorpion! I needed the laugh sister!!! You are so funny, real & nothing superficial about you. I love all the positive stories, experiences & even the food videos. You made this pioneer from Nevada laugh!!! Thanks sis, keep it up! :)

    1. I'm just glad I lived through it to laugh about it! Happy New Service Year!

  2. This is terrifying! It's bringing back memories of attack shoe spiders...watch your back sis! You never know what's lurking in dark corners. Maybe that what got Cookie when her face swelled up???
    I've got lots of my own creepy crawly stories...even up here in the great white north.
    Missing you and happy your back to blogging!
    Hugs, ak

    1. You know we did consider that it may have been a scorpion...you know how she's spastic about chasing bugs.