Sunday, December 15, 2013


Our congregation here in Nindiri recently got invited to a Kingdom Hall build in Monte Tabor.  The RBC situation here is quite different than in the U.S. so I was excited to go and see how it's done.  Here, they do have RBC members they invite to builds but not a lot of them.  Basically, every week, they invite a different congregation to participate.  We went with a congregation from Masaya to assist the RBC members and Monte Tabor members.  By the way, Monte Tabor is outside Managua on the way to El Crucero.

Sisters as well as brothers made a big contribution working

From top of the triangle going clockwise:  Johan, Melvin, and me.  Some members from my new congregation

Relaxing in the bus after lunch.  From left to right:  Argentina, Ivan, Melvin, Johan, Oneida, and Bruno
Some differences I noted:
  • no safety training
  • HARD, MANUAL labor.  There were maybe 2 electrical devices on site.  Everything else was done by hand like mixing concrete and separating sand from rocks for the concrete mix
  • because of the labor-intensive work, it takes a lot longer, so these are definitely NOT quick builds.  It usually takes a few months to finish a KH
  • snack girls? water girls? provided lunch?  No, no, and no.  If you didn't pack it, you don't get it.  However, in true Nica fashion everyone packed enough for a family of 5 so there was a lot of sharing

Monte Tabor was really appreciative of the volunteers, and I got to make best friends with a shovel and wheelbarrow.  Thankfully, the climate is a bit cooler in Monte Tabor so we had a nice breeze and a cloudy day, so I only came home a little burnt....but a LOT sore the next day :(


  1. Hey what day was that? We went Friday. It was harder than the two times we went to Casares but the breeze was nice!

    1. We went last Sunday...week ago today

  2. What a good looking bunch of friends, giving to Jehovah!

  3. My wonderful spiritual Family. Thank you, for helping the Brothers in Nicaragua. May you be blessed for it. Love your Danish sister Anne