Friday, January 17, 2014


After our convention, we planned to take advantage of state vacation days here in Nicaragua.  Specifically January 1st.  Two congregations from Masaya (Coyotepe and Faria) came to assist us and we spent all day working our rural territories.
This is how they came and we piled about 10 more in the back to get to rural.  It's pretty common for large groups in Nicaragua to travel this way

Lunch break!  The sister in the black/white stripes, Marbel, was my partner for the day, and I made new friends with her family.  Her hubby's Puerto Rican and they were truly a joy to get to know better

These planters made makeshift seats for most of us at lunch.  I'm sure we were a spectacle for the territory!
All in total we were over 60 and really appreciated the help to really thoroughly work some of our rural.


  1. looks like a fun time. I esp liked the transport!! did they drive very fast??

    1. No they didn't. Which was good because it rained almost the whole way out there.