Friday, August 29, 2014


Yeah, Nindirí has finally started participating in metropolitan witnessing!  Granted, it took us about a year to figure it all out but better late than never, right?  We're still working out a few kinks ("no, sister, we do NOT go up to people to informally witness and then bring them back to the cart"), but I think in time we'll figure it out.  I get to do it three times a week.  Sundays from 5-7pm in from of a children's park, Mondays from 6-8am at the bus stop, and then Tuesdays from 5-7pm at the same bus stop.  

So, funny story...first day Shelina and I are all excited and decide to set up in front of a brother's house caddy-corner to a children's park.  So it's getting dark, and we're staking out this children's park behind this pair of two massive trees.  No one could even see us.  No, totally not creepy, right?!  I'm fairly sure I saw some families jump when they finally got around the trees.

Some days are more productive than others, but I'm really enjoying it.  I've included a picture of my first day participating as well as photos of friends around the world doing the same.

Sisters in Chinatown, NYC offering literature in Mandarin Chinese

Brothers at a subway stop NYC.  Very smartly dressed, I might add!

Very sweet sisters at another subway stop NYC

Yo! Sweating with my carrito in front of the children's park

My beautiful friends Jamie and Irina in Rio Cuarto, Argentina


  1. Hola! Te ves bien bonita en las fotos de Ny, y me encanta cómo te queda el fleco! Me alegra que ya tengan un carrito, nosotros tenemos 2 en la congregación y vienen 2 más pero no hay un rol, los hermanos que quieren sacarlo, lo sacan. Espero que todo esté bien con vos, y por favor saludame a Shelina. Las quiero mucho. Adiós!

    1. Gracias, amiga! De hecho voy a ir a Masaya el lunes para cortar el fleco otra vez...está en mis ojos todo el tiempo y me molesta! Todo bien aquí y claro mandaré tus saludos a la Shelina. Besos a tu mamí y a la Alixita :)