Monday, August 25, 2014


Congratulations to all you regular pioneers enjoying class this summer!  I both envy and pity you :)

Our congregation was invited a couple weeks back to provide lunch and two snacks for one of the schools in Masaya.  As one of our brothers owns a restaurant, he was in charge and wanted to present a very "elegant" (he used that word with me about 400 times) appearance; *warning* you'll see what that entailed when you view the pictures below.  I was in charge of the snacks and helped served lunch.  I just made sandwiches for the first break and then different breads for the second break...carrot/raisin bread, carrot/almond bread, banana bread, etc.  I think I did ok because one of the brothers took a bite, groaned,  and said, "Me mata, Shawn!"  (you're killing me).  I had such a good time and was thrilled to be able to help!

A fellow pioneer, Johan, (his Dad owns the restaurant) and I right before serving.  I do not want to read a single comment about my outfit.  I wore it under duress!!!!

We had a pioneer in attendance--Argentina!  I can't wait to have her over and pick her brain.

If you went to class this year, drop me a line.  Let me know your favorite part!


  1. i'm sure your food was AMAZING because you lil thawn- are a fantastic chef! now let's discuss the outfit...:) just kiddin

    1. Awww, thank you, Flecky! It's because of Pinterest....I'm addicted!!

  2. I can't help it...the outfits are AWESOME! Especially the hat! I'm sure the good was delicious and the Pioneers were very appreciative of your thoughts and hard work. I would have been!

  3. Well, I think that the sandwiches are "elegant" tho. It is only about what is HIS definition of "elegancia" baahahah.
    Saludos Shawn!
    -Sofia Cordoba