Wednesday, May 13, 2015


 So we recently had the circuit overseer's visit again, and his talk for the pioneers was exactly what I personally needed.  We've been having a lot of issues lately with the pioneers having to go alone to their studies.  Of course, we'd like to support each other, but we all have so many studies, we often can't combine them all into one afternoon.  And for some reason, we can't get publishers to accompany us or invite us to their own studies.  It's been more than a bit discouraging, but Bro.Zeledón gave us some good suggestions.  It was actually mentioned as a need of the circuit during the large pioneer meeting before the circuit it seems the problems extends to more than just Nindirí.  I plan on being obedient and putting into practice the suggestions given and just have to trust Jehovah will move the hearts of the publishers to respond.
But look at this big group!  I didn't know most of them were pioneering this month, so it was neat to see us all together.
I had made some brownies as a treat after the meeting.  I found out this is what happens if I leave my camera unattended by the brownies!

All six of us regular pioneers plus a visitor we've had the last few months from Atlanta (in the blue shirt).


  1. Hahahaha como se llama el hermano con los Brownies? Pues se ve bien chistoso!!! Justo como mi cara cuando Cathy nos hace brownies :))))

    1. Se llama Johan Gonzales. Es loco!

  2. Hi sister ! I will be going to Nicaragua again soon and would love to meet your congregation !I will be living in R.A.A.N. but would love to travel throughout Nicaragua and preach too ������