Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Another amazing assembly has come and gone.  This time I had the pleasure of going with some visiting friends.  When I went to the International Assembly in October in Mexico, I met these fine sisters above.  They live in Fresno, CA and Karina (with the red polka dot top) supports a Chinese congregation.  They wanted to experience Nica living so have spent the last three weeks here.
There's always someone who gets baptized at our assemblies, but this time, we were honored to see two from Nindirí symbolize their dedication to Jehovah.  I've written about Don Silvio in former posts (the candidate in the goldish shirt).  He was so excited he literally screamed his answers to the auditorium.  That kind of enthusiasm is contagious!

Oliver is the other new brother from Nindirí.  So nice to see youth raised in the truth decide to follow the footsteps of their parents.  And yes, this is another dress Juanita made for me.  Simple but cool.  It was almost 100 degrees during the assembly ew!

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