Monday, April 23, 2012


Here's our new brothers...Marlon, Celeste, Diana, Guadalupe (mother), Guadalupe (daughter), and Yolanda
Shelina and I. When I come back from the US in July she'll be my new roommate!!

We had our Special Assembly Day in Ticuantepe on Saturday at the Assembly Hall. It was beautiful as usual over there. There's some yellow trees in bloom that were just gorgeous. What was more beautiful was the session. We had a visiting speaker from Bethel, Armando Ochoa, that I got to meet after the session. You know what his job is? He's the overseer of the translation dept in Mexico Bethel. He's in charge of making sure 39 languages/dialects (including Sign Language) are properly translated and printed. Fun job, huh? He even included a little Sign Language in his talk to us. If you haven't had your SDA yet, heads up on the last talk. It was super encouraging at a hard time for me and literally had me in tears.
I had the privilege of helping with the baptism again and really enjoyed it. There were 14 baptized, 6 of which came from my congregation. One was the (now) sister who fed me lunch the day I went to Cana de Castilla (previous blog about that). Because the brothers from Granada Este were in charge of the baptism we were really excited about all the brothers in our congregation. It was beautiful to see everyone crying and congratulating each other afterwards.
We had a peak attendance of 1,047.

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