Friday, April 20, 2012


This is salpicon de pescado. Salpicon is usually beef chopped finely and mixed with onion, green pepper, and LOTS of parsley, but once in the house they made it with fish and it was super yum.
GULP....ok, this is indio viejo made with turtle. I was lured into eating this with the understanding it was lake turtle and was NOT endangered like sea turtles....I later found out they're ALL endangered. Honestly, I ate it out of ignorance! It was good, though, like seafood. PS--there is NOTHING done here to protect them. In fact, my neighborhood was thrilled to learn it was turtle season and bought many many carcasses from the fishermen. They have a creepy skeleton which Ollie also benefitted from.

Here's Alicia making guirilas. How to describe them? Think of the taste of sweet cornbread but in tortilla form and texture. They're really good. They mainly sell them in the north so if you want them here in Granada you usually have to make them at home. They're served with cuajada and crema. Cuajada is a homeade cheese here eaten really frequently. It's packed in water like mozzarella and had a mild flavor. I love it!

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