Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I just had to share this pix from tonight.....best...dinner...ever!  The excitement comes because of the dill pickle (thank you Pricesmart, I'll never forget you and your fabulous imported foods) and the cherry Coke (just started to be sold here).


  1. I just got home from service and saw this blog post. I'M HUNGRY!!!!!! Man, that looks good!! Time to go see what I can rustle up - pretty sure it won't be burger and fries - bummer!

  2. Oh, and I have a picture to send you but I don't have your email address. Email me some time, and I can reply with the picture of us at the assembly.

  3. Looks yummy!Beats gallo pinto any day in my book. But I'm partial to hamburgers. Prolly should be partial to beans. Oh well, enough of the side track thoughts... Now I'm followin' your blog. Finally, huh?! Say hola! to that sweet doggie of yours. Good to see you are doing well and still enjoying Nicaragua!

    1. Khara, so good to hear from you! I do love a good gallo pinto from time to time, I can't lie. Ollie's doing well....a little arthritis now that she's an old lady but still kickin'. Hope you like what you're reading here.