Monday, December 17, 2012


Saturday November 24th Ervin Castellon married Eunice Jarvin in Matagalpa.  Ervin is the youngest member of the family I used to live with here.  I finally got to see a Nica wedding!  It was small and had a lot of the traditional features you see here.  The main difference is that here, a civil ceremony in front of an attorney is required while a religious ceremony is not necessarily.  We just attended the religious part at 2pm although they did the legal part at 10am the same day.  Eunice is now living here in Granada and a new member of Granada Este congregation!  The reception had delicious food and we shook our tail feathers as always.

With my former Nica family Carmen (sister-in-law of the groom) and Alicia (mother of the groom)

Reception site.  Her color was teal.  We ate chicken cordon bleu, herbed potatos,  and salad.

Eliam (nephew of the bride) and Jandra (sister from my cong) showing how to use the glow sticks we were given as wedding favors

The happy couple.  Ervin's face is red bc he was crying during the  song.  She cried during her vows.


  1. I served in Matagalpa in 2004 and helped work on the KH there. Your blog (and Shelina's) are making me Nica-sick :)

    1. Awwww, come back and see us, then!