Monday, December 17, 2012


The first weekend of October we had our District Convention in Ticuantepe....Protejamos el Corazon (Safeguard Your Heart).  It was a whirlwind of a weekend and frankly, the 3rd time I had attended that assembly, but I still enjoyed it and was able to make new friends.  Thankfully, it wasn't too hot and everything with the bus transport went well.  We had a fairly small convention; peak attendance of 2591 Sunday afternoon with 27 newly baptized friends!  Everyone reacted to the drama like it was a soap opera...they were on the edge of their seats and totally caught up in the romance of it all.  It was really beautiful to see how many little ones already knew the words to the Kingdom Melody on the new video.  It's still hard for me to hear that without tears springing to my eyes!  Hey, did you guys catch the video on showing the annual meeting?  If so, you can meet the kids who sang in English up close and personal :)

Jandra, me (with my new haircut and straight hair), Pilarcita, and Alixe on Sunday

The teens of my cong with their new video

This is a family that is studying from my congregation.  Jose Maria (who was announced as a new unbaptized publisher the other night!!), his wife Kenya, their son Jose de Jesus, and their new baby Emily.
I just had to add nieces in July after receiving their videos in English.  Sooooo cute!

New friend!  Jeri Higgs.  Her family is from OK and been here serving in English a few months.  They came her, her husband, and 3 girls. They just moved to a surfing town, San Juan del Sur, to start an English group.  It now has official status and she reported this week they're getting an attendance of about 30 every Sunday.  Watching Jehovah make it grow yet again!

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