Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I love the Yearbook.  It's truly one of my favorite pieces of literature because every year it's got great stories that make you feel good after reading them.  But ever since I've become a need greater, the Yearbook means even more.  Mainly because I'm reading about many different places in the world with the same struggles as my place and getting ideas on how to help my friends and neighbors.

Reading about Myanmar was like that.  Reading the situation of many congregations when the missionaries came in made me see I'm not alone in my situation here (please see p.161).  It's also really upbuilding to see that a lot of the experiences that make it into the Yearbook are things I'm getting to experience on a daily basis (see p.49 about bus witnessing).  Sometimes, probably because of just the daily grind, I forget to treasure these very unique experiences I'm living.

Favorite quote?  Definitely p.83 of the English Yearbook.  It reminded me soooo much of my current home:

"There are three seasons:  warm, hot, and hot with rain."


By the way, I picked the photo above because it shows a city bus in Myanmar.  However, I swear I see that bus on the carretera every day.  See what I mean about similarities?!

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