Sunday, March 3, 2013


 I had a crazy weekend and just wanted to share with those of you always asking how my life is here.

Friday morning our landlord decided to fumigate our house.  So our neighbor came in at about 9 a.m. to spray poison all over the walls and baseboards which meant we and our little fur children had to get out pronto.  We decided to check out a new cafe that's opened up on Calle Xalteva about a block from us called Espressionista.  We were able to do informal witnessing and take advantage of their WiFi.  It really made for a nice, relaxing morning.
Ollie hanging out by the front door.  Great art shot, babe!

Watermelon and ginger granita--so refreshing

Cookie checking out Auntie Shawn

Shelina chilling with her Ipad mini
 Then on the way to the market later, I met this guy selling/eating this new fruit I discovered.  It's called caimito.  It looks like a plum on the outside but the inside is this gooey, furry I don't know what.  It's interesting.  I tried it--not my favorite fruit but not bad either.
Then on Saturday night, I invited a couple English families from the English congregation to eat frito with me after my meeting.  I like this picture because it shows the food well and shows the grill in the back how they're all made.  
Vic, Hattie, and Robin...from Manchester to Granada with love :)
On Sunday we had rural territory.  The meeting for service was at 6:30 am, we drove 45 minutes out to the territory in a bus and preached from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm.  Wow, what a day!
Neftali, Alixe, and Miguel Angel in the bus during lunch

Cashew tree!! Look under the purple upside-down tulip and you'll see a green cashew growing
Finally, my weekend ended with a bang.  On Monday, Shelina and I went to Managua and saw Les Miserables!!!  In English!!!  We had sushi and miso soup for lunch at Sushiitto, saw the flick, and I even managed to sneak in an entire box of Cinnabons for friends.  Sometimes it really helps for people to assume you don't speak Spanish :)  Ahhh, foreign food and glutinous pastry.  
You see that glazed look in my eyes? That's sushi coma.

May I introduce the "Miss Nicaragua" roll


  1. Hi Shawn. Nice blog! We are in Costa Rica and will be visiting Granada soon for our tourist exit. I have some questions for you if you don't mind...our email is We would love to work with either spanish (which we are trying to learn) or English in the invitation campaign for the Memorial. Hope to hear from you soon. Chris and Ron

  2. Hey Shawn! Where is this Expressionista???? I heard about it and am dying to check it out. Call me when u want to go... By the way, last day for pool is tomorrow so lets take one last swim, yeah?