Friday, March 22, 2013


Hi, my name's Shawn.
Hi Shawn.
And I'm addicted to mangoes.

This year, I'm doing it up right.  I'm peeling my mangoes before eating them so I'm avoiding that crazy rash (allergy) I got last year, and I'm discovering great new varieties.  (Note:  obviously, no one eats the skin.  But here, it's common to just cut the cheeks off skin and all and scrape out the flesh with your teeth.  That's what got me in trouble last year because the skin gave my mouth and chin a huge rash.  Turns out mango is in the poison ivy family!)

The mango you see above is called mango manzana, literally apple mango.  It's yellow on the outside and bright orange inside and is FULL of flesh, juicy, and crazy sweet. I've been eating them plain, making fresco with them, and even making mango salsa.  The other day, we had these Mexican pork tacos and I made this fab salsa to go with, cucumber, onion, jalapeno, lime, salt.  Yum!


  1. You seriously look like a crack addict with your mango in the picture. I think you need to see if you can go a week or a month without taking a hit! Don't let it spiral out of control. No good can come of this! Seriously, good thing it wasn't a severe reaction. Do they have epi-pens down there for allergic reactions?

    1. Acknowledged. However, in my defense, mango season is only about 2 months. The rest of the year we have NOTHING; they're not like importing mangoes from other countries. So I gotta stock up while I can, you see? And epi-pens? Not sure...throat doesn't close up, mouth just starts to itch :)