Friday, March 29, 2013


Me, Shelina, Andrea, and Kim.  Andrea has been here since November or December helping in Sign Language.  She's our neighbor and we love her!!

Just wanted to post this cute pix from last Friday.  We're still in the middle of pioneer route here (until June). For those of you not familiar with includes every country under Mexico branch's supervision and is very similar to seldom worked territory campaigns in the U.S. but more involved.   A publisher can sign up to spend 1-6 months in an assignment either within or outside of their country.

The little Asian sister in the picture is named Meung-eun Kim (I hope I spelled that right!).  I met her because she's spending a few days in Granada before going to her assignment in Malacatoya.  We had her for lunch and then did studies together.  She is just sweet sweet sweet and probably the first native-born Korean I've met.  She speaks like 8 languages fluently among them Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and English.  She really encouraged us talking about the young men in S.Korea and how they cope going to prison at age 18 for their Christian neutrality.  Three years ago, she moved to Mexico to help start a Korean group in Guadalajara.  After her pioneer route assignment, she'll head to Managua where she'll help in the Chinese congregation.  I know they'll be thrilled to have a native speaker.

My favorite part of the picture is how Cookie (Shelina's dog) snuck in.  Her legs are in the background but she kinda looks like she's hidden up Andrea's skirt with her legs dangling out. Hahahahahah!!!  That's just the kind of mess she'd get herself in too!


  1. My husband and I are planning for a trip to Nicaragua and the pioneer route sounds awesome. Could you give us more details about it or your experience with it? I can't tell you how much this blog has encouraged me to go where the need is great. Thanks so much Sister Shawn:)

  2. Hi there! I haven't participated personally in the pioneer route but my understanding is that there's usually an application process around July or August and then the route officially starts in January. As long as your publisher cards are in a congregation directed by the Mexico branch, you're eligible to apply. Hope that helps! Maybe we'll see each other one day down here :)