Monday, November 10, 2014

D.F. DAY 3

Day 3 was Turibus day.  It was an excursion planned by the Hospitality Committee, and it consisted basically of a double decker bus ride through the city to see the sites...lots and lots of historical buildings dating from Mayan times to Mexican Independence.  It felt so good to be in a place full of history and culture and beauty.  We were able to head back a little early that day and explore around our hotel.  At the end, we located a place called Tacos Beatríz near the Plaza Zócalo who've been perfecting the art of tacos for 100 years.  Funny, because I've almost perfected the art of eating them :)  For about $10 we got a sampling of 8 different tacos with fresh tortillas, toppings, and beans...and of course, a range of chile sauces ranging from pleasantly piquante to omg I can't feel my mouth!  Then depending on what we liked, it was all you could eat.  It also had an amazing chicken and chickpea soup starter.  Super fun!

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  1. Now I'm dddyyyyyiiinnnngg, dy---ing for some tacos.