Monday, November 24, 2014


I was walking home from the meeting Saturday night and with what I smelled and heard and felt, it just hit me....THIS is Nicaragua to me.  All those sensations at once just summed it up.  You know how sometimes you have like a deja vu moment with a phrase or smell or sound and immediately, you're transported somewhere? With words, I'm going to try to describe what Nicaragua means to me.

To me, Nicaragua means...
  • the smell of fried plantain in the air
  • salsa or meringue music transported over the neighborhood Saturday night
  • fritanga with friends
  • "adios" to everyone on the street
  • sweep, sweep, sweep on the sidewalk
  • that handsweep down the face when sweating 
  • polvera on Sundays
  • tropical fruit and palm trees
  • constant motion
Need greater challenge!!!!  What does your assignment mean to you?  Write a post or comment entitled "what (insert name of assignment) means to me."  Can't wait to see your amazing responses!

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