Tuesday, November 11, 2014

D.F. DAYS 4-6

Well, as you can see what came next was the actual Regional Assembly.  We had a peak attendance of 19,000 and over 160 baptized.  Our guest speakers were Mark Sanderson of the G.B. and a helper to the G.B. named Bro. Mavor.  Their talks were translated so we actually heard them in English!!!  What a blessing from Jehovah.

 I took your advice and DID wear traditional garb.  I actually convinced the whole group of us to wear it!  I think we look beautiful :)  We were definitely a hit since there were just a handful of Nica delegates.  Our dresses are called un guipil and the sandals are called caites; the men are in a shirt called a guayabera.

How can I sum up?  One of the most beautiful experiences of my life.  I felt like a princess and learned so much about what true hospitality feels like.  I think the sisters below said it best...

Ok so one last funny story.  As you see in the photo montage, Bro. Sanderson was present.  Saturday after the session we decide we're going to stalk him and see if we can meet him.  As we're making our way to the stage, Brett tells me, "Shawn, did you know Sanderson is single?"  I just laughed and laughed.  What single sister under 100 DOESN'T know Sanderson is single?  But how weird would that be to date him?  I can just see us in Family Worship and me being like, "Well, I understood this from the reading" and him being like, "Weeeelllllllllll NO."  :)  I pray he never reads this post.

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  1. He actually walked right by me in the corridor and I wanted so bad to stop him to say hello, but he had two brothers with him and they looked like they were in a hurry, so I chickened out.