Monday, March 16, 2015


Yesterday, we enjoyed a Special Meeting broadcast from our branch in Mexico.  We had a representative from London Bethel and then another from U.S. Bethel present AMAZING talks as well as give us the yearly report.  Jehovah knows what we need at the right time, doesn't he?  I was already excited for the meeting but then to be able to listen to BOTH of the talks in English (it was interpreted for the rest of the audience) was just beyond my dreams.

I wanted to share with you guys my favorite point from the session.  Bro. Robert Luccioni, helper to the Governing Body (he was the one featured on March's JW Broadcast), expanded on a theme about keeping up with Jehovah's organization.  He mentioned that what's interesting is that when you compare the visions that prophets like Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, and John had, they all at one point, received the exact same vision...they were able to see a glimpse of Jehovah's heavenly organization.  And it really awed them...some fainted, some were speechless, etc.  In the case of Isaiah, he was so impressed that when Jehovah later asked for help, he immediately offered himself (6:8).  Why?  Because he understood who was behind the curtain.

"Peer behind the curtain" was a phrase used often in the talk, and although it wasn't mentioned, I immediately thought of the Wizard of Oz.  Remember after that long and arduous journey, Dorothy was expecting something amazing and instead was soooo disappointed to see who was behind the curtain directing things?  Just a small old man.
Well, in our case, it's the complete opposite.  When we peer behind the curtain and see that behind our own personal ministry, our congregations, our countries and branches is Jehovah, the Almighty of the Universe....we are filled with such comfort and confidence that we're inspired to be just like Isaiah and offer ourselves for any job needed.

And they pointed out that although we often just feel like small cogs on a big wheel we are ALL SO NEEDED AND APPRECIATED.  Our organization is massive and incredible and would never be possible without Jehovah, but would also never be the same without the efforts being made by EVERY SINGLE PUBLISHER.  So look beyond your small congregations and personal struggles and realize that you are a part of something so big and amazing!

We've been having these Special Meetings once a year and in every one it's just stressed over and over again the love that the Governing Body and Jehovah have for us.  To prove the point, they shared some experiences and comparisons that brought most of us to tears. And they brought out that with basically one Bible study to every publisher (approx 1.7 million if I heard that right) we still have SOOOO much work to do in this region.  I don't know about you, but now that I know who's behind the curtain, I feel more zealous than ever to do whatever's needed in Jehovah's service.


  1. Very encouraging notes Shawn. 👍 Thank you.

  2. Really enjoyed reading this. Will keep it in my email for a while to read over again

  3. I'm glad you (Beth and Weltha) enjoyed it!

  4. Great comments Shawn. Love that illustration. Keep up your good work. Really enjoyed reading all your blog over the last few months. If my circumstances should change (carer for my aging parents) I would love to do what you are doing. You have my spiritual support all the way from over here in Tasmania, Australia. Philia and Agape Your sister Andrea

    1. Andrea, be honest...did you comment only because I talked about Oz?! Hahaha no really, thanks for the encouragement. You're doing such a hard job being a caregiver. May Jehovah give you emotional strength and patience until your circumstances change. Big hugs!