Tuesday, March 10, 2015


About a month ago, my good friends Rosaura and Sergio David tied the knot and very kindly invited me to their wedding.  They had such a nice courtship and were one of the few couples I could actually stand to be around while dating.  I just wanted to share some pix of the happy day and some observations about Nica weddings.
One of the bridesmaids and Rosaura's best friend, Selene, and me

First look...just ignore the creeper in the back

A missionary who once served Nindirí gave the wedding talk

The happy couple!  Rosaura's dress was incredible...very elegant!

Groom's family

Bride's family
This is now the third wedding I've gotten to attend in Nicaragua, and I've started to notice a pattern.  I'm going to try and describe it so you understand what I mean.  The wedding part itself always seems kind of thrown together.  Usually what happens is we're all meandering around when out of nowhere the bride shows up at the door, rapid-fire her maids or family march down the aisle with her hot on their heels, and somewhere in the process someone remembers to turn on a Kingdom melody.  I have no good pictures of anyone coming down the aisle because it's over before you know it.

The other strange part comes at the end.  At no wedding has the couple kissed at the end.  Often they don't even hold hands or show affection during picture taking.  For instance, Rosaura and Sergio David presented themselves with a very chaste...hug *deadpan*.

Then comes the pictures.  Once the talk is over, everyone rushes the stage and poses with the couple for a picture.  The thing is, there's no one organizing these pictures and usually no professional photographer.  So what happens is you usually have a picture of yourself and the happy couple in the midst of a million people OR with some other random person hanging onto them you couldn't chase out of the picture.  And it's like pulling teeth to get the whole family together for one good shot either because they've wandered off somewhere or again, you've got a bunch of random people in the same shot with the family.  I feel really bad for a lot of these couples later wondering what the final pictures look like.

For some reason, the reception is where it's at.  Many Witnesses only attend the reception, and it's always very elegant, well organized, with yum food and booty shaking.

No judgement...just observations.

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