Monday, November 14, 2011


Recently a sister from the congregation named Lola Palacios graduated from college with her degree to be a chef. Of course, we had a party to celebrate. And, being that I'm in a Latin country, of course it was a dance party. It doesn't matter if it's graduation, baby shower, wedding....we'll dance! The 1st picture is another sister from the congregation named Laura doing a traditional Nicaraguan dance for Lola. You know how when we're little they teach us square dancing in school (at least that's what they did in Missouri)? Here they teach folk dance. The sister on the left side in the blue shirt seated is the guest of honor.

Look that's me dancing! The brother in the white top and black pants is Lola's brother, Manolo. He's the best salsa dancer I've seen. He's supposed to come to the house 1 night and give us all lessons, yea!

House music/techno is the big craze here now. Ervin had some of those glow in the dark sticks that we turned into bracelets, necklaces, and well, glasses, turned off the lights, and danced away.

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