Monday, November 14, 2011


For those of you who know Ollie, you know her affinity for her kitty bed. Well, unfortunately, that was one of the things we had to leave behind. My cat, Spencer, is enjoying it now at my parent's house :) Everything here is tile and wooden furniture so there's not a lot of soft fuzzy spots for Ollie to rest her laurels. As a result, we've caught her sleeping on a hammock that was on the ground, dirty clothes pile, and the bath mat. I finally took pity on her and went a couple weeks ago to Masaya to look for a bed for her. Masaya is the folk center of Nicaragua and you can find just about any kind of handcrafted good there. Anyway, we met a progressive Bible student there (she had her Watchtower lying on her stand) and she GAVE me this basket or canasta. Then the other Saturday when I came home from service, there was Ollie inside cuttin' her z's....Carmen had sewn her a pillow to go inside. Now, we all know Ollie hates having her picture taken but doesn't she look cute in her bed?

Everyone here makes fun of her in it because normally the canastas are used by vendors. They put their fruits, veggies, bread etc inside and walk around neighborhoods yelling out what they have for sale. Most of you who I've spoken with on the phone probably remember hearing them in the background because they start VERY early and end VERY late. Everyone says we should take Ollie around her her canasta yelling "Ollie Ollie 5 pesos!" I'm offended......she's worth so much more than 5 pesos :)

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