Monday, November 14, 2011


Here's our regular pioneers after our meeting Saturday. From left to right there's Mario, Emirick, Ana Rosa, Miguel Angel, David, Morena, Connie, David, Sandrita, Marta (daughter), Jandra, Ana Luisa, Pilar, Hector, Eva, Amalia, and Marta (mom).

This is my new C.O. and his wife. His name is Aaron Perkinson and hers is Eunice. He's originally from Illinois but has served in Nicaragua for about 16 years now. He came down single and later married Eunice who's from here. They served as special pioneers in different areas of the country and even in Nica Sign Language. We're their first circuit :)

You want to know how to identify JW's in Nicaragua? Just look for skirts, hats, and umbrellas....mainly umbrellas as you see here. It's not for the rain--it's for the sun. The sun here is brutal especially in the morning. Don't we look cute heading out to the territory?!

This was the meeting for service Sunday morning. There's more people to Aaron's left...3 rows deep and as long as the others rows. Someone told me we were 50-something. What great support!

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  1. It is nice to see they have a good number of brothers serving as regular pioneers!