Monday, November 14, 2011


Last Sunday was election day here in Nicaragua. What does that have to do with the fish pictured above? Well, normally Sunday's a long day in service for us but due to the fervor surrounding the event it was suggested we don't go out that day. So here in the Castellon house we did what any good Witness would do under the circumstances--we cooked a big meal! No really, we bought these whole fish from a vendor who bikes around every morning selling his catch from the lake...they're called guapote. For you Spanish speakers, you'll recognize the relation to the word guapo (handsome). It's because the fish is apparently only found here in Nicaragua and tastes delicious by the way so they feel it's not just guapo, it's guapote!

For being a freshwater fish, it was delish. They opened him up and filled him with salt, garlic, basil, and chile and then fried him whole. We ate him with a squirt of lime and a side of rice with stewed tomatos/onions on top. Heaven! As you can see in the 2nd pic, I caught on pretty quick how to clean those bones right up!

As a side note, Miss Ollie enjoyed about 3 fish heads afterwards, so I'd say the day was a success.


  1. Yeah, it turns out some fresh water fish are pretty good. (Sorry Dad!) Looks like you made good work of that fish. But my questions is: Did someone have to pull the meat off of the bones for you like Dad always did for us? :)

  2. That meal did look heavenly! My mouth was watering as I read the description... btw I showed jalyn ur photo so see if she remembered you and she laughed which means...yes