Sunday, October 30, 2011


You guys have read me talk about Ken and Brandi Venables, the couple serving here from Canada. Brandi has become a very good friend and they're at the house about twice/week. Anyway, this week was their 14th anniversary! She hid his gift at our house so after dinner they came over for a "visit" and she surprized him. It's something he'd always wanted. Watch the video to see his face when he gets it! It was nice to share this special moment with friends.

They actually had to celebrate everything a day early because on Tuesday (their actual anniversay date) we had to go to Costa Rica to renew our visas. It was kind of a mess as they changed the rules on the visa and no one knew it until we got there. Therefore, we were charged $25 apiece we weren't expecting. However, we did it all in 1 day and I'm good for another 90 days, so I can't complain. At least we were together and not trying to brave it on our own.

For those of you keeping count, you're right, I went a month early. However, everyone here is on the same schedule, so I thought better to go with everyone rather than figure this all out on my own.

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