Thursday, October 20, 2011


Here's another post for Mom. She likes to see pix of me. The only real differences are:
1) now I only wear makeup to the meetings. Why put it on in service just to sweat it off in 2 seconds?
2) I'm a little burnt as you can see
3) I'm a little skinnier as you may not see. However, between the parasites and the walking, it's doing its job. My pants fit looser and the belt on the dress I wore that night was 2 clicks tighter than it used to be!

The treat is an ojuela. It's basically a thin fried tortilla dipped in a syrup/honey made from figs. Crazy comparison but it really does taste like a crispy, sweet CornFlake.  Here in Nica it's common that people with foodstuffs to sell bicycle or walk through neighborhoods yelling out what they have...everything from fish to milk to fruits/veg and tortillas. Anyway, there's a lady who sells ojuelas too and we bought some today. They cost about 5 cordobas each which is a little less than 20cents. This was my reward for walking my rear off this morning in service. Yum!


  1. awwww! you look so have a glow!

  2. Lookin' good! Probably not the weight-loss plan of choice, but at least you're looking at the bright side of parasites.