Monday, October 3, 2011


This sister is named Morena. She's a pioneer sister here in Granada Este and has been really sweet about inviting me on her afternoon studies so I can be out a little longer each day. She is AMAZING! This girl is the only Witness in her family. When she got baptized she turned her application in the very next day to start auxiliary pioneering. When 6 months were up, she then turned in her application for regular pioneering. In other words, as soon as she qualified, she jumped right in. She's now in her 4th year pioneering like me. She keeps me on my toes asking me about what I do for Family Study Night and what I thought about the latest mags. What an example!

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  1. Morena's mom is my age but I think of her as a peer. When I moved to Nicaragua she took me out in service and gave me my very first Spanish presentation. Despite some persecution from family she always has a smile and is ready to serve where needed. She supports us many times in sign language. She's truly an example worth mentioning.