Monday, October 17, 2011


View of Volcan Mombacho from the field next to my house

Water birds on Lake Cocibolca


I've been taking some pix as I've been in service and running errands and just wanted to share with you how beautiful it is here. Look closely at the one picture and you'll see it's a banana tree. On our KH property we have naranja agria growing and hibiscus flowers. Here, they're both edible...naranja agria tastes kind of like lemon but it's very dark green on the outside. They dry and boil hibiscus flowers to make a drink called jamaica. But in the territory in general I've seen limes, starfruit, noni fruit and a bunch I've never heard of like nacite and a weird oval green thing they put in salads.

The video link will show you an amazing plant here called La Dormilona or The Sleepyhead. Watch what happens when you touch it!!!

On a side note about our KH, I participated in the cleaning on Saturday morning and wow! We cut the grass all around the KH by hand! Not with a machine and not even with a hand! I've seen others here cut grass with a machete. Now I know where they got the term "back breaking work."

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