Saturday, January 5, 2013


I've been trying something new with my students since the approach and start of the New Year.  Most of my students are pretty new so I've been trying to play off their desire to make New Year's resolutions.  You know how during the intro to the Bible Teach book there's the box that explains how to use the Bible?  There's a suggestion there about reading the Bible in a year and how by reading 3-5 chapters a day, one can achieve that goal.  Well, on our new website there's a download for a Bible reading schedule.  I've been gifting it to all my students and explaining how to use it to reach their goal.  My students have actually been really excited about it.  

My new student, Deysi, just had her 4th study on Friday.  She took the schedule out because she had a question on how to use it, but I noticed she's checking off the boxes as she reads and is already done with 25 chapters in Genesis!!

And then my other student, Modesto, emailed me the other day excited because his Mom gave him a Bible for Christmas so now he can follow his schedule.  Before, he was using his cousin's Bible and had to ask every time to use it.

If you want to download it, just look on the site under Publications/Books and Brochures/Schedule for Bible Reading.

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