Tuesday, January 29, 2013


If you're a regular follower of this blog and a personal friend of mine, you've probably already caught on to how important my faithful companion, Ollie, is to me.  I know she's practically got her own fan club out there, so I wanted to give a brief update.

Ollie is getting up there.  I've had her since 2004, and she was an adult when I found her, so you do the math.  You can see from her recent picture above that practically her whole face is grey now :(  Well, a couple weeks ago, we were coming in from doing her business outside, and she was having trouble getting up the stairs.  I picked her up to help her, and she started to yelp.  This continued all weekend.  (Side note:  why is it that any time an emergency occurs, it's always on the weekend when nothing's open??)  So Monday morning, I took her to the vet and got the prognosis....arthritis.  I couldn't help myself and just burst into tears.  My vet was like, "Shawn, what's the deal?  It's like with people.  It just means she's getting old.  She could live for years with this."  Rationally, I know this.  But it was just a wake-up call that my little baby's days are numbered.  Frankly, I'm tearing up just writing this blog.

So now she's on a vitamin regimen of glucosamine, and I have to limit her walking and jumping on the bed.  All I can say is that my baby has had a good life, and I'll never once not for one minute feel guilty about providing that for her.  I think I've needed her as much as she's needed me all these years, and I feel very thankful for the experience.

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  1. Poor lil muffin! :( That makes me sad. I love me some Ollie Boo. Give the muffin a kiss for me.

    Lil Fin