Tuesday, April 2, 2013


B is for Bachata

Photo credit:  http://socialdancer.blogspot.com/2012/04/sexy-stranger-bachata-experience.html
It's a Latin dance.  I think the best way to describe it to gringos is to say it's like the first eight counts of the electric slide but on the four and eight count you add a little hop/booty pop.  It's a partner dance with lots of fun variations and has a style of music that accompanies it also called bachata.

My readers know that one of the favorite passtimes here is to dance.  Often, I hear even older people saying, "We need to make a party.  I need to dance."  For the record, I'm the bachata queen amongst my cong.  They're always so impressed a white girl can bachata like I do :)  If you want to check out some of my favorite bachata tunes, check out these YouTube links.  You can also look at bachata tutorials, and they'll give you a good idea of how to get down Latin-style.



  1. You should post a picture of the dance you're talking about. You might also want to embed the video in your blog post so folks don't leave your blog to watch the video..when they leave to watch (which I gave up on after 2 long commericials), the window to your blog is closed so in order to comment, they have to start over. That might discourage lots of folks from a-Z. I'm curious though how or why you left the comforts of Missouri for Nicaragua?

    1. Sandy, thanks for the suggestions. I edited the blog just for you. The short answer to your question is...read my blog. Sorry, but honestly it's been chronicling my journey You can get the edited version by reading the "About Me" on the right side of my blog. Thanks for reading!

  2. Thanks for the links, Shawn! I do understand that need to dance at times.

    Good luck with the A - Z Blogging Challenge! I'm playing along this month, too.

  3. I can cook, I can walk almost anywhere, but I can't dance ... but this is too much fun to not do so, Shawn.

  4. As someone else said in another post, we've all got our talents! :)

    Nancy, newly appointed Spunky's Soldier A-Z Challenge