Tuesday, April 23, 2013


T is for tortuga or turtle.

I'm going to warn you, there's some good and some bad on this post.  The good part is that sea turtles make up a big part of the animal kingdom here in Nicaragua.  We are one of those amazing places on earth where you can come during different times of the year and participate in their conservation by helping with either egg laying or hatching.  It's not something I've done yet but happens on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts and is on my "must see/do" list while I live here.

The bad news is that as a developing nation, conservation here is often more words than actions.  Eating both sea turtles and their eggs is a strong part of Nica culture, and it's hard to get people to see that it's wrong and can have lasting effects.  I remember talking about the problem with some Nicas and them telling me that the day after the law was passed protecting the turtles, the president and other high officials were photographed lunching on them.  Even I, when I first came, ate a turtle dish not knowing it was an endangered species here.  I still feel bad about it.

If you'd like more information or would like to participate in their conservation, check out this article on ViaNica's website.

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