Friday, April 19, 2013


Q is for quesquisque which is a veggie (and a tongue-twister; try that word 3 times fast!).

This is a veggie I never knew before I moved to Nicaragua.  How to describe its taste?  It's definitely a starch, maybe a mix between yucca and a potato?  It's not stringy like yucca but firmer than a potato when cooked.  It turns this nice pink color (like you see above) when it's peeled and cooked.  Here, it's mainly used as a filler, but it's nice for variety.

What's my favorite recipe with it?  That's easy!  Sopa de albondigas or meatball soup.  It's got great broth, chicken meatballs, pieces of dark meat chicken, mint, and tons of boiled veggies like quesquisque, ayote (squash), corn, and really anything else you have in the kitchen.


  1. Nicaragua, very cool! I've been to Africa, but have yet to visit anywhere in South America yet. I think every place has a token starch that is a filler for every meal like potatoes are for North Americans. In Botswana it was 'papa' - a maize meal type food.

    Cheers from Brandy at

  2. Wow! I always wondered what that was.