Tuesday, April 9, 2013


H is for humedo which means humid in English.

Why do I mention it?  Because it's been a fact of life here that I will always be a hot and sweaty mess.  And you curly girls out there??....I can only imagine the pain you suffer here daily.  The lowest it ever gets in Granada is about 80F and that's probably 2-3 times a year and only at night.  But we always have high humidity since we sit right by a big lake.  If it gets down to 80 everyone here walks around in sweaters and plugs their babies' ears with cotton so they don't catch cold.

Right now we're in our "hot" season.  I know, it gets worse; I didn't expect that either when I first came.  A couple weeks ago it was 97F at 3pm.  What does that feel like in a place without a.c.?  The butter is 100% melted outside the fridge in just 5 minutes, you sweat sitting still, you get a bladder infection if you don't drink enough water, enough water a day is about 2 liters, you are sweating as you're stepping out of a refreshing shower, and when someone jovially slaps you on your arm it makes a sucking sound as they remove their hand.

The heat has been the hardest thing for me to get used to here but you know the saying....if it doesn't kill me.....


  1. Oh man, I know what you're talking about! That's the kind of heat and humidity that drives you a little insane because you can't get away from it, even with a fan. It's so hard to sleep.

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    1. It DOES drive me insane. Instead of frying my skin I feel more like it's my nerves that are fried. And you know how Latinos are very "touchy feely"? Oh, it's just so hard for me to deal with the constant touching when it's soooooo hot!

  2. Doesn't Missouri get humid too? I can't imagine living without any A/C in that kind of heat, although we did it in south TX where I grew up, not far from the Gulf. I know the feeling of always sweating. It was awful, but as kids we didn't know the difference. I found out summers weren't like that everywhere once I moved after being grown.

    Visiting you from A to Z.



    1. MO definitely gets humid, but when are you experiencing it? Walking from your air-conditioned car into an air-conditioned building? Totally different here. The only air-conditioned places are 1 restaurant, 2 grocery stores, and 3 banks. And I don't have a car so I'm doing A LOT of activity in a VERY inhospitable climate. I think that's what makes it so uncomfortable.