Friday, April 26, 2013


W is for Waspam.

Waspam is a city (please see map below) in the northeastern corner of Nicaragua.  Why is it important?  Well, Nicaragua is home to various ethnic groups including Miskitos (Miskitos actually can be found on the same coast of Honduras as well).  The Miskito are descendants of Africans most of whom had mixed with the indigenous population here centuries ago.  They have their own culture and own language often speaking either Miskito or English Creole instead of Spanish. 

 A couple weeks ago I finally met my first Miskito!  When I was on Little Corn Island I met a very nice man named Lionel who helped me when my luggage got lost.  He was explaining about the VERY isolated life he led when he lived in Waspam and how difficult it is to get back home.  That part of Nicaragua is still very primitive and has few paved roads; most travel is actually done on the rivers.  In his singsong English Creole he explained to us that a while ago, he finally saved up enough to visit home.  When he called his Mom to tell her, her response was, "Oh good!  We kill you a pig!"

Soooo Nicaraguan :)

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  1. Instead of the fatted calf, the fatted pig. I had never heard of Miskito.