Monday, April 29, 2013


Y is for Yanquistas.

Spelled like that you probably don't know what I'm talking about but when I write Yankeestas it probably clues you in.  Yes, Yanquistas refer in Spanish to Yankees baseball fans.

Latin countries can be divided in two groups: baseball countries or soccer countries.  It's a stereotype that all Latinos play soccer; just think about all the Cubans and Dominicans currently playing in MLB.  Nicaragua is a baseball country and by far, the favorite team of the country are the Yankees.  It's hilarious because when I explain here I'm from Missouri they never know what I'm talking about, but if I explain I'm from the home of the St.Louis Cardinals, suddenly I'm a hit.  I just explain St.Louis is a city in Missouri.

The World Series here is broadcast like the Super Bowl at home.  And when our local baseball team, the Granada Tiburones (sharks) play and win, the city explodes.  Trucks go by with everyone screaming, honking horns, and blowing these loud trumpet things, cheering on their favorite team.

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