Wednesday, April 3, 2013


C is for Corn Islands.

Corn Islands is a grouping of two islands off the eastern coast of Nicaragua.  There's Big Corn and Little Corn Island.  They're in the middle of the Caribbean in an amazingly unique part of Nicaragua.  Although most of Nicaragua is a mix of the indigenous Indians and Spaniards (from the Conquistador days), the eastern coast is totally different.  The residents there are black and speak Creole English.  Even the cities (and islands) there have English names.  You want to know the best part?

I'm going there!!!!  Yep, on Monday, my friend Miia and I are going to check out Little Corn Island for four days.  We could really use a break after the campaign for the Memorial and Special Talk.  She's getting married and going permanently back to Finland in July, but Corn Island was what she just HAD to see before leaving Nicaragua....and she invited ME to join her!  We'll fly to Big Corn Island and then take a small boat over to Little Corn Island.  They have limited electricity and Internet and no cars, but I think an "off the beaten path" kind of vacation is just what I need.  I'm looking forward to snorkeling on the reef that's located there and eating my weight in seafood.


  1. I learned something from your blog, once again! I'm loving these posts.

    1. Oh, I'm so happy! I'm trying to make each one in Spanish so hopefully they'll be interesting AND informative.

  2. Sounds like amazing fun and fortune! Hope you have a great time.