Saturday, April 6, 2013


F is for Flor de Caña.

It's a Nicaraguan produced rum and veeerrry good and inexpensive.  Nicaragua doesn't have a ton of famous exports so we're very proud of this one.  There's sugarcane fields everywhere here which makes rum production a no brainer.  After a hot day in the sun there's nothing better than coming home and enjoying a Nica Libre.  Here's a few recipes for this fabulous rum:

Nica Libre
shot of 5 year rum
fill the rest of the glass with Coke
lime juice
*Yep, it's a Cuba Libre just with a Nica spin because of the rum origins

Shawn's Choice
shot of 5 year rum
equal parts pear nectar and Sprite
lime juice
serve over ice

Throw a splash of this in your bread pudding recipe and you'll love the results!


  1. Learned something new, and got a recipe too, awesome! Thanks!

    From A to Z, Kristen's blog:

  2. My husband lived in Nicaragua in his early twenties. He owned a business in Managua then. He told me about the Flor de Cana and also fried plantain.